Design Sprint
Turn your months of work into days.
For those that find it hard to innovate.
For those that find it hard to innovate.
For those that find it hard to innovate.
For those that find it hard to innovate.
How is that possible...
We dedicate a week to collaborate with you through a series of structured exercises to define challenges and validate solutions - working smarter and efficiently together.
Do any of these sound familiar?
Tick the ones you resonate with.
My process takes too much time
Align with my cross-functional teams is hard
I lack the right data to make decisions
I don’t have the prototype to convince others
I fear I’m risking it all on non-validated ideas
 Our Design Sprints are designed to quickly learn if a product or feature is worth developing, by asking your customers.
What our design sprint does...
Solve existing
issues and problems
Start digital
Create new
digital products
of strategies
So what does it take to do a sprint?
The sprint helps to define challenges and validate ideas, in just four days.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day One: Define and Solve
The first day is about focusing on the right challenge and the team would have generated multiple concepts.
Day Two: Decison Making
The day starts with the team reviewing and picking the winning concept. Sketching in the details for the prototype before ending the second day.
Day Three: Prototyping
The fun part starts as we turn the sketches into a realistic prototype. Meanwhile, we line up users for the next day.
Day Four: User Testing
Finally, by letting real users interact with our prototype, we get to see if it is worth building and where we can improve on.
So what do I get out of the sprint?
A realistic prototype and detailed report.
High-fidelity Prototype
In-depth Summary Report
In summary...
Prototypes, not presentations
Stops the constant guesswork and see what works with a low-cost high-fidelity prototype in just four days, allowing you to convince your investors faster and better.
Minimise wasted time
Through a series of exercises and structured process, the sprint align the team on goals and solve big challenges, efficiently dedicating the time in the right places.
Lower risk and costs
The sprint allow you to make decisions with confidence and avoid building unnecessary features, lowering the risk of developing something not worth the effort.
Align teams through co-creation
By bringing cross-functional team together to work in a structured way, we build a foundation for better and more aligned future collaboration.
Everything you want to know.
Asked Questions
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What happens before the sprint session?

Prior to the sprint itself, we would have scheduled a free consultation call to understand your challenges and brief. We will also prepare and brief you and your team on what to expect coming into the sprint. 

Then what happens after the sprint session?

What happens after the sprint depends on the result of the user tests. If it has positive feedback, this is a great indication to proceed and develop the idea. An iteration sprint would also further refine that idea and get the prototype closer to production.

If it'd received some mixed feedback, we can still follow up with an iteration sprint. This will help to incorporate the feedback from the user tests and further refine the idea.

And if the prototype received mostly negative feedback, this should be recognised as a win! Because it only took us 4 days, instead of months of work to uncover that the idea did not work. And from the feedback we will even know how to improve it.

If all goes well and we are sure of the product, we can proceed to design the rest of the product before handing it over for development. We can also create a pitch deck if you require it for raising investments.

Can the sprint actually solve all of my challenges and objectives?

We can determine this after a consultation call with you, to find out if the sprint is suited for your challenge. If the challenge can be solved by one person and in less than a week, then the sprint is probably not ideal for you. It is also acceptable to enter the sprint with many challenges - part of the sprint process is to identify which is the most critical to solve. At the end of the day, we will pick the most important challenge and create an ideal solution to validate with.

How much does it cost to conduct and facilitate a Design Sprint?

We offer 2 sprint packages. The first tier is a 1 week sprint, we recommend this if you just want to give it a try. Our second tier is a 2 week sprint which includes an iteration sprint, we believe this is the most effective for our clients.

We highly recommend the 2 week sprint as it allows you to iterate based on user feedback and next steps. This way you can really see the benefit of a sprint.

Do not hesitate to contact us for pricing as we can better understand the scale of your project and team. We have done very small projects to bigger complicated ones - the Design Sprint fits all sizes.

Did we miss your question?
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